Show Notes

Last time we talked to Marco Santarelli – investor, author, and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments – it was just before lockdowns hit, when we had no idea what to expect in the weeks or months to come. 🗓 Today we’re catching up with Marco about what’s happened in the past year, what’s changed, and what kinds of real estate investment projects have got us fired up right now! 🏘

Join host Dan Lesniak as he talks to Marco Santarelli about:

• How Marco manages properties in ~25 different markets, spanning from Pennsylvania all the way down to Texas and Florida

• Why Marco does NOT buy, rehab, or flip houses... and the more profitable, scaleable investments he makes instead

• Who’s benefiting from high demand (and inventory shortages) for housing and investment properties… and who’s suffering

• Which specific kinds of investment projects and building types (Single-family home, duplex, large building etc.) Marco favors

...And much more! Get ready to learn a lot about real estate investment projects. Make sure you listen all the way to the end – Marco shares the crucial, potentially life-changing investment that anyone with $10 or $20 to spare can leverage.


💬 “You’re losing if you’re a saver.” – Marco Santarelli on saving vs. investing

💬 “They constantly educate themselves.” – Marco Santarelli on the most successful people that he knows

💬 “You have to both educate yourself and take action. And I guarantee you, if you do both of those, you’re going to look back 5-10 years from now and say… Wow.” – Marco Santarelli on combining knowledge with action


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