Show Notes

Brian Adamson is a real estate investor with over a decade of experience. Having trudged through a down market in 2008 when he first started, Brian is no stranger to tough challenges. With a hunger for learning and an enthusiasm for being an opportunistic investor, he has spent his time since then developing a keen eye for attractive investment models and lucrative deals. His investments include everything from single-family and short term rentals, to commercial multi-family homes and wholesaling. 

Join Brian Adamson and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Becoming an entrepreneur at a younger age

∙ The impact of mentorship on developing effective processes

∙ Going from concept to practice when finding great deals

∙ Where beginner investors make mistakes

...and much more!


💬 “Ignorance is expensive, but we can afford it.” — Brian Adamson

💬 “Closed mouths don't get fed—you got to be communicating with folks about what it is that you're looking for.” — Brian Adamson

💬 “The more that you can simplify what the goals are, then you can simplify your approach to get there.” — Brian Adamson

💬 “Like anything goes, you got to build it up.” — Brian Adamson on developing a network for finding more opportunities


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