Show Notes

After leaving corporate America, Veena Jetti started investing for herself. Today, she serves as the Founder of the successful commercial real estate firm, Vive Funds, specializing in multifamily real estate investing. 

Tune in as Veena Jetti and host Dan Lesniak discuss large, multifamily development projects, multifamily syndication, and hot markets to buy in right now.

Listen to learn about:

‣ Different investment models and their benefits

‣ Important things to look for in investment deals

‣ Adding value to purchased assets like multifamily developments

…and much more!


💬 “Don't wait for the perfect time …There's always gonna be a reason why you can't, so start figuring out why you can and get started.” - Veena Jetti’s advice to new real estate investors

💬 “Make sure you're investing with the long term picture in mind.” - Veena Jetti on how to avoid big investment mistakes

💬 “The challenge, even today is not in capital. The challenge is finding those deals that you want to put your name on.” - Veena Jetti on navigating difficulties with multifamily real estate investments


🔗 Vive Fund’s website: 

🔗 Veena Jetti’s social media handle for all accounts: @veenajetti