Show Notes

Get a seat at the table as Grant Cardone gives investment advice over lunch. Your host, Dan Lesniak, and nine business leaders got the opportunity to pick Grant’s brain on how to win when investing in real estate.

Show Notes:

  • Grant talks about what happened to his investments when the market crash happened
  • What every real estate agent in the country should be doing
  • What a marketing, metrics, or accounting person will do to confuse deals
  • When people stay within their industries they all shrink, when they venture outside they grow
  • How to get multiple flows of revenue
  • The quickest, best route to get wealthy
  • How to approach differences of opinions from investors
  • How to approach marketing based on the wealth of the client
  • How Grant lost a deal because of his YouTube channel
  • What a deal would have to be worth to get the Cardone Group to look at it
  • The big things that Grant looks for when scoping out a deal
  • How to begin in real estate investing is to find a guy that operates how Grant does, and roll with him
  • The minimum amount of money needed to invest
  • Anything that produces income is worth looking at

3 Key Points:

  1. When you stay in the same circle, or industry, you shrink instead of grow.
  2. Don’t allow investors to have input, teams are wrong most of the time.
  3. Generate more flows of revenue in order to achieve your income goals.

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