Show Notes

Tim Harris and his wife Julie started selling real estate in the 90’s, and created one of a few coaching programs at that time to guide aspiring agents to ever increasing levels of success. At this point in their careers, they’ve experienced a number of market cycles, and as a result they’ve come to a clear conclusion: the essence of the business never changes. In this episode, Tim takes a deep dive into real estate market projections and what agents need to do to continue growing their business in this period of transition.

Join Tim Harris and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The difference between deflationary and inflationary markets

∙ Interest rate scenarios in the context of inflation

∙ What agents should be doing right now to prepare for the market transition

∙ The major disconnect in trendy marketing practices

...and much more!


💬 “Everything is going to go up in price, as I think everyone has noticed, and the prices are not going to come back down.” — Tim Harris

💬 “One of the greatest delineators of wealth and prosperity long term, especially generationally, is homeownership.” — Tim Harris

💬 “99% have only been in the business for five years or less. So [agents] have no clue what it's like to sell in a transitioning market, let alone a buyer’s market.” — Tim Harris

💬 “They're going to realize if they don't transition fast, that what they really need to have is a skills-based business—you need to know what to say, you need to know how to say it.” — Tim Harris


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