Show Notes

When Jeffrey Holst's life and career were upended by leukemia, he turned to investments in real estate for financial stability and never looked back.

Join Jeffrey Holst and host Dan Lesniak as they talk about investing in single- and multi-family rental properties, partnerships and management, setting rents, and the satisfaction from helping others find homes.

Jeffrey owns and manages properties in four states that range from commercial buildings to small, single-family homes. He is an affiliate broker licenced by the state of Tennessee and has been investing in real estate since 2005.

Join Dan and Jeff as they discuss:

• Jeffrey's journey from lawyer to real estate investor and how he got started.
• Advantages and disadvantages of single-family and multi-family properties.
• Key points for maximizing rent and value investing.
• What the banks look for before they lend.
• The biggest challenges when working in multiple markets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get “in the room” with two experienced investors talking shop!

Quotes to Share

“If you don't have 20% down and you don't have a track record, it can be very difficult to finance.”
– Jeffrey Holst

“It's really important to either run your own management company or have one that's really, really good... so that's it for me, partnerships, really, really important. Have good partners."
– Jeffrey Holst

“I'm trying to target making my property a little bit more attractive than anything else on the market in that area. And if you do that, you can almost set your own rents.”
– Jeffrey Holst on maximizing rent values

💬 "I'm a firm believer in only buying what you know. And if you don't have the resources on the ground, it can be very difficult to know if it's a good deal or not."
- Jeffrey Holst on assessing new opportunities

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