Show Notes

For nearly two decades, Jimmy Rex has been a top producing real estate agent. He has published two books on self-improvement and operates a team of agents while also providing real estate investing strategies to clients. His real estate investing podcast sees guests from many backgrounds, from congressmen to professional athletes and entrepreneurs. 

Listen to Dan and Jimmy discuss the following topics:

•  Analyzing the market in a specific area

•  Common rules for investing in real estate

•  Passive income strategies

•  The future of the market

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to make the most of investment properties for sale and increase your passive income. 

Quotes to Share

💬 We will look at cash flow, and that's the most important thing.

– Jimmy Rex

💬 Whatever the number is, by the time it goes up and down, I think we'll still be above wherever we are today.

– Jimmy Rex on the future of the market

💬 When you look at the actual number of people that want a home versus homes available, it makes me feel very secure that there's going to be a need for homes.

– Jimmy Rex

💬 People that continue to buy real estate are going to continue to win.

– Jimmy Rex

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