Show Notes

Joel Friedland is a real estate broker and developer in the Chicago area. He did 37 deals his first year, he's seen several ups and downs over his career. The biggest lesson he has learned for his own life and career is how to control your mental health, especially as you try to balance the highs and lows of the market and your business. He believes the answer to this challenge is to proactively find a mentor who understands the mood swings each person experiences as they deal with the many challenges life will throw their way. Over the course of your career, real estate agents will experience variations in the market and in their business and they have to be mentally prepared to deal with what comes their way.

Join Joel Friedland and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Keeping your mood in a stable, safe place. 

∙ Why finding a mentor who you can openly and honestly talk to about your emotional state is important. 

∙ How some in the real estate development business become compulsive gamblers.

∙ Find a “wise owl” - someone who is probably older, more experienced, and knows more about life.


💬 “Some people are not necessarily down in their mood, but they're actually overly elevated. And some of those people, they don't sleep a lot.” - Joel Friedland

💬 “I personally have also been through some major ups and downs. In my first year, I did 37 deals, it's like I was flying high. So I have this skill. I was flying high, I was so happy.” - Joel Friedland

💬 “There's not a really good answer other than you have to have people you can rely on and talk to openly about this, to help problem solve to get through it.” - Joel Friedland

💬 “I think a tremendous number of real estate developers are elevated and don't necessarily know it – and they become compulsive gamblers in the development business, and they have a gambler's mentality.” - Joel Friedland

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