Show Notes

Krysta Acree started her journey as a real estate agent in October 2020. While she struggled to get traction early on, she began mastering her follow up process with leads and closing more deals in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe markets of New Mexico. In 2022, she is already on pace to double her transactions over the previous year. Prior to her role in real estate, she was a crisis therapist in Phoenix, Arizona, where her job was to stabilize foster care children in their resource homes. Her background prepared her for learning how to deal with buyers and sellers who may be going through many emotions during the process of buying or selling their home. 

Join Krysta Acree and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The timeline of when and how to follow up with leads

∙ Where to find leads: Google, mailers, and referrals 

∙ Why it is important to be proactive and educate your clients along their journey

∙ Why over communicating is better than under communicating


💬 “Every time I get a new lead, I make myself a little plan to contact them.” - Krysta Acree

💬 “I'm not sure why some realtors are afraid to ask for referrals” - Krysta Acree

💬“I just studied the other realtors I was working with so I could learn from them – learn their good habits or bad habits…” - Krysta Acree

💬 “...When I see people getting emotional, I can say, Okay, let's take a minute, and we can kind of address where those feelings are coming from, and then we can move forward…” - Krysta Acree