Show Notes

During this episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, Jack Markham, General Manager of Z57, Zurple, and TORCHx presents from the Xplode Conference. Jack shares tips to address lead conversion and engagement problems, and steps agents should be taking to get consumers interacting with them.

Episode Highlights:

  •        Jack Markham explains the three roadblocks to sales.
  •        How many leads the average agent generates per month
  •        How many leads never get followed up on
  •        How you can personalize the experience for the buyer
  •        How many leads will actually become contacts, and then active consumers
  •        The average lead conversion rate for real estate
  •        Increase your online presence
  •        The number one goal of an agent is to stop a potential buyer’s search  
  •        How long the agent has to stay engaged with the average consumer?
  •        Jack Markham explains lead intelligence
  •        Where is your skill set best suited for consumers?  
  •        The three main activities that are driving more transactions  

3 Key Points:

  1.    The three roadblocks to sales are: lead generation, lead engagement, and lead conversion.
  2.    The average agent in real estate is generating less than 10 leads per month.
  3.    Agents need to focus on getting found, getting connected, and staying involved.  

Resources Mentioned: