Show Notes

Brandon Brittingham is a highly successful real estate expert and investor. He is a team leader for The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long & Foster, a standout real estate agency in that area, and has overseen the growth and development of several related companies. Brandon continues to service the area as a reputable real estate agent, holding true to his passion for helping others buy and sell homes.    

Join Brandon Brittingham and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss the ins and outs of real estate investing as well as the benefits of working in a team! 

Listen as Dan and Brandon discuss:

•  The operational side of running multiple real estate companies

•  Helping agents develop a strong mindset 

•  Methods for being successful in today’s market

Don’t miss this chance to get some perspective on the real estate game from two experts in the industry.

Quotes to Share

💬“One of the things that I’m a firm believer in is you should do stuff that you love, and I still really do enjoy being in the transaction.” 

– Brandon Brittingham

💬“I get the most enjoyment out of being in and working with the team.”  

– Brandon Brittingham on guiding new agents toward successful careers

💬“I really drilled into my team, Go after listings. Go after listings. Go after you know, all my agents are doing fairly well because they’ve got good listing inventories.” 

– Brandon Brittingham

💬“If a house comes on the market, and it fits your needs, we have to be in there right away, and we've got to come in, we've got to be competitive, we've got to be strong.”

– Brandon Brittingham