Show Notes

You won’t want to miss this exclusive HyperFast Agent Podcast episode featuring footage from our premier annual Growth Summit! Listen as TikTok star and successful real estate investor Michael Elefante talks about leveraging short-term rentals and how he built his way up to making $30,000 a month!

Join Michael Elefante and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How short term rentals create cash flow, build generational wealth, and increase the resale value

∙ How to leverage different loans and rental arbitrage to get your start in the short term rental market

∙ Creative ways to make your Airbnb properties stand out in any market

∙ How to automate your Airbnb business

...and much more!


💬 “Short-term rentals can produce on typically three to ten times what normal long-term rentals can.” — Michael Elefante

💬 “It's all about selling the experience. People are willing to pay more for an experience.” — Michael Elefante on creating interactive experiences with Airbnbs

💬 “Take your emotion out of it. If the numbers make sense, the deal makes sense.” — Michael Elefante


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