Show Notes

Keri Shull discusses, “how to be the mayor of your town” using video as the catalyst. Keri talks about how she got face time with Gary Vaynerchuk, and she passes along the life-changing information he gave her that changed the course of her business.

Show Notes:

  • How host Jeff Pfitzer used running as a way to boost his brand and network
  • The barriers to creating a video to boost your brand – equipment, editing, production values, etc.
  • Keri talks about an event she went to with Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck
  • Keri shows a video that she created in 2007 for her real estate brand
  • How Zillow increased the price per lead by over 5x in certain markets
  • Gary V, on how to compete differently
  • How Keri used a popular blog in her town to get attention and grow her business
  • You have to figure out where people’s attention is, and then pivot to meet them where they’re at
  • Video from your iPhone can be used to build your brand
  • How to meet people where they are, figure out what is motivating them, and how to address their fears using video
  • If you want your life to improve and move forward then you have to take action
  • Take action and gain more freedom, money, and time with the people you love

3 Key Points:

  1. You need to take control of your own leads.
  2. If you gain people’s attention through noteworthy things and provide value, people will be interested.
  3. You have to figure out how to take your skill set and perform on video.

Resources Mentioned: