Show Notes

Grant Wise, Founder of Real Estate Marketing University, an online media training company, and Founder of Witly, a software company that focuses on marketing intelligence for real estate agents shares with your host, Dan Lesniak, how important it is for real estate agents to be utilizing Facebook advertising. Grant also offers information on the ways in which his business offerings can benefit real estate agents and the importance of localized lead generation.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Grant shares his business background
  • How Grant began teaching entrepreneurs to grow their business through Facebook ads
  • The business offerings Grant Wise provides
  • The main reasons people utilize Grant’s software
  • The ways Grant Wise’s services can save you time each week
  • Grant’s use of appointment setters
  • Creating leverage is crucial in the real estate business
  • Some of the biggest trends in social media marketing that Grant sees
  • How real estate agents can broaden their brand impact locally
  • How Dan Lesniak uses local advertising for lead generation
  • How the main lead generation systems work
  • How many ads agents should be making
  • The specific formula that Grant teaches
  • How appointment setting is handled for clients
  • The biggest mistakes that real estate agents make

3 Key Points:

  1. Grant Wise’s three core offerings are training, software, and service.
  2. Grant Wise’s software is often used for marketing automation, smart CRM, and sales tools.
  3. Create content around the local community to offer value in your region.

Resources Mentioned: