Show Notes

In this episode, Tom Burns hosts a conversation with Christian Mack and Scott Ryan. Lotus is a buyout growth tech fund. Scott Ryan gives an investment update including capital raise, a new CEO, and update on new hires and new acquisitions.

Join Tom Burns, Christian Mack, and Scotty Ryan as they discuss…

∙ Updates on the buyout growth tech fund∙ New hires and acquisitions that are helping this investment grow

∙ Updates on a capital raise and the returns we are seeing

∙ Opportunities to invest today in this fund


💬 “We have some great news for existing investors and maybe even some great news for potentially new investors.”  – Scott Ryan

💬 “We're able to buy a really low valuation, some of the best valuations we've seen in the last five years…” - Scott Ryan

💬 “So the Lotus team has been working and growing. So that's really exciting. That's great stuff.”  - Tom Burns

💬 “The CEO is actually the executive from Amazon Web Services that has kind of taken the helm. So we're super excited about him and the team that he's grown.” – Christian Mack