Show Notes

Matt Lionetti has carved out a unique niche for himself selling luxury real estate in Toronto, Ontario through comedy on social media, especially Instagram. 

Join Matt Lionetti and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss Matt’s innovative path to luxury real estate! Topics discussed include:

∙ How Matt got three offers and sold a listing within eight hours by being “unprofessional” on social media

∙ Why Matt believes that new real estate agents should always start on a team

∙ How Matt’s business started changing when he implemented video about a year and a half ago

∙ How Matt went from 800 followers to 25,000 in about 1 year of consistent video content


“Social media can only add to what you’re doing.” – Matt Lionetti

“You can’t try door knocking for a week and say it doesn’t work. Try everything, and try it for a solid amount of time. Keep data and track it and say ‘Okay, where am I getting my business right now?” – Matt Lionetti on figuring out the marketing and prospecting techniques that work for you

“People want, I think more than ever, to just work with friends and connect with you. So if you’re just hiding behind sold signs and houses, no one’s even gonna know what you like.” – Matt Lionetti


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