Show Notes

Kurt Uhlir is a business coach who has taken many companies public. More recently, he has helped real estate agents learn how to own their audience and compete against sites like Zillow and He came into the market early with a company called Showcase IDX that many agents use to build websites that their clients actually use – as opposed to going to Zillow. These sites bring traffic from web searches directly to agent sites, allowing agents to capture data and form direct relationships with potential clients searching for homes.

Join Kurt Uhlir and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How agents can use IDX to help their own sites outrank Zillow in Google searches

∙ How AI can help augment writing, but it can’t replace the person with trusted knowledge

∙ Why agents need to think about appropriate content for people who are not actively buying or selling

∙ Why the current market is for agents who consistently show up for the next 6 to 12 months 


💬 “If you want somebody to show up to your site tomorrow, that's what pay for clicks is for. But if you want if you want buckets of people to come in the future, that's where organic content comes from” - Kurt Uhlir

💬 “AI is great at rephrasing … Where people get into problems are you can't trust it to come up with facts.” - Kurt Uhlir

💬 “Think about your website, not as a site, but as your digital hub.” - Kurt Uhlir

💬 “Stop trying to sell and stop calling everybody that registers on your site.” - Kurt Uhlir

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