Show Notes

Zack Boothe started a window cleaning business at the age of 17 that he grew for a decade before he turned his attention to real estate investing. He started with a couple of rental properties that he turned from hassles for a previous owner into lucrative profits for him and his family. This opened his eyes to what an average person like him could do with a little bit of knowledge in this arena. That’s what led him into coaching and creating the 40-day challenge, where he helps people make 40 grand in 40 days using the same methods he has successfully done over and over again, in any market. 

Join Zack Boothe  and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to make 40 grand in 40 days through real estate investing 

∙ The importance of having belief and confidence. 

∙ How to find discounted properties and why to start with a buyer’s list

∙ Identifying your niche, finding a coach, and getting results 


💬 “He handed me these two amazing properties with like, for like a couple $1,000 down. And I ended up selling them to the tenants like a year later, and I made over $100,000 profit.”  – Zack Boothe

💬 “I totally believe though that if someone's going to be successful, they have to have a massive amount of confidence that they will be. Because if they don't have that belief and confidence in themselves, they won't give 100%” - Zack Boothe

💬 “I wanted to make sure that that was the first obstacle that that I conquered for people was that fear in in lack of belief in themselves. That's why I did the 40-Day Challenge. That's ultimately why I did it.” - Zack Boothe

💬 “I gotta find people that have a property that’s a thorn in their side, right?” – Zack Boothe