Show Notes

On this episode, Matt Fullerton returned to the HyperFast Agent podcast to share how he is able to get leads without having to spend time purchasing lists and making cold calls. As a real estate investor, he finds ways to work with agents to take over dead leads or homes they don’t want to even go into. He will make deals with agents, take those ugly homes off their hands to flip them or wholesale them, and offer them incentives such as referral fees, where they split the profits with him if he’s able to successfully sell those homes for a profit. He also recently joined the EXP Realty team and now offers training to agents who join his team, giving them practical advice and opportunities to directly learn from him so they can have some of the same success he has enjoyed. 

Join Matt Fullerton and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to get leads without spending a lot of money

∙ How real estate investors and brokers can offer incentives to agents and other investors 

∙ The importance of building a network and going to meetups

∙ Using social media and socializing to let people know what you are doing


💬 “ I'll make it hassle free. I'll make it easy. Send it to me, and we'll do these transactions really easy” - Matt Fullerton

💬 “...bring me a deal that I purchase you know it's off market and I'll give you started out with a grant I'll give you $1,000 at closing…” - Matt Fullerton

💬 “I also learned how important it is to let people know what you're doing.” - Matt Fullerton

💬 “I've seen everything, including dead bodies  houses before.” - Matt Fullerton

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