Show Notes

There’s money in buying distressed homes. Matt Fullerton saw this opportunity when he got his start in real estate wholesaling at a house flipping company. He has since created a lucrative real estate investing business built heavily on free lead sources. 70% of his referrals from agents ultimately go under contract!

Join Matt Fullerton and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ When to flip vs. wholesale a property

∙ Tips for building up your sphere of influence as a real estate investor

∙ How to identify and cater to people’s pain points to acquire deals, leads, and buyers

...and much more!


💬 “If you would not do the deal yourself, you probably shouldn't sign it up.” — Matt Fullerton

💬 “The most important thing to a lot of these people is relief from pain.” — Matt Fullerton on why people sell their home at wholesale value

💬 “With flips, no matter what, it's not like HGTV. There's always issues you run into.” — Matt Fullerton

💬 “The uglier the house [...] the more excited I am.” — Matt Fullerton