Show Notes

Financial freedom isn’t reserved for the wealthy. It can be achieved by anyone through saving money and making smart investments. Co-Founder and Principal of HIS Capital Group, Rick Melero is passionate about empowering aspiring investors through education to achieve economic independence.

Join Rick Melero as he discusses…

∙ How to tailor your investment strategies to different cycles in the real estate market

∙ What to keep in mind about inflation and mortgage rates right now

∙ The 40/40/20 investment plan

∙ How the 2006 real estate market differed from the market today

...and much more!


💬“You don't need to have a million dollars to become financially free.” — Rick Melero

💬“The wealthiest people in the world have one thing in common; real estate was a part of all of their net worth in some form or fashion.” — Rick Melero

💬“You can't do it on your own. You really have to build an alliance.” — Rick Melero on why partnerships with builders are critical


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