Show Notes

Dan Lesniak, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, interviews Drew Carpenter, real estate agent with the Keri Shull team, and the Orange Line Living team. Drew discusses the processes that have led to his success as an agent, how to get better at sales, and how to assist buyers with their needs.

Episode Highlights:

  •        How Drew Carpenter got involved in real estate
  •        How many deals Drew has closed over the years
  •        The keys to Drew’s success
  •        It usually takes up to six times of asking to make a sale with a client
  •        How, and when, does Drew dig into the needs of the buyer?
  •        Drew’s routine for handling open houses
  •        Drew’s closing ratio for open houses
  •        How you can combine old school and new school techniques for real estate success
  •        What Drew Carpenter has done to build up awareness at the micro-geographic level
  •        What is next for Drew in the next five years
  •        The biggest mistake Drew made in real estate
  •        The biggest piece of advice Drew has for new real estate agents
  •        The biggest piece of advice Drew has for veteran real estate agents
  •        Drew Carpenter’s biggest piece of real estate investment advice

3 Key Points:

  1.    Drew identifies the key to his success as being repetition.
  2.    Open houses are a great way to meet buyers and clients.
  3.    In sales, it is a numbers game, so get comfortable with “no” and thicken your skin.

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