Show Notes

Franco Perez is a real estate investor who specializes in mobile home parks and helping buyers use them as a solution to the affordability crisis so many are experiencing in America. He not only helps people get into mobile home parks as their primary home as an alternative to renting but also helps them use this to build wealth for their future. Franco undertook this venture, in part, because of the situation he has experienced with his own family as well as a response to the massive wealth gap he is seeing, especially in northern California. On this episode of the HyperFast Agents podcast, Franco reminds us of the false stereotypes many people have about mobile homes. He also tells us why he finds a lot of fulfillment helping people take steps from being renters to being owners and how owning a mobile home is often a very good first step on that home ownership journey.

Join Franco Perez and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Helping people start their wealth journey through mobile home ownership. 

∙ How someone can own a mobile home without necessarily owning the land it is on. 

∙ How agents can build relationships with mobile home park owners and find an audience on YouTube.

∙ How fulfilling it is when you like what you do, can help people, and make money too.


💬 “There's way more mobile home parks than people realize.” - Franco Perez

💬 “We really focus on these areas that that have these high cost of living problems.” - Franco Perez

💬 “This has consistently been a perfect solution for so many out there.” - Franco Perez

💬 “It really comes down to understanding the difference between rent and then ownership” - Franco Perez

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