Show Notes

Megan Romine grew up in a small town in West Virginia. Today, she sells luxury real estate properties in South Florida, one of the hottest luxury real estate markets in the world. She started in corporate real estate and later worked for a brokerage. She has since built her own team and sees the current shifting market as an opportunity for skilled agents to grow. She attributes a lot of her own success to finding a strong mentor and being a mentor to others agents as well. She has also spent a lot of her free time learning more about the real estate field so she could become more knowledgeable for her luxury real estate clients – who tend to be more knowledgeable about real estate than typical buyers and sellers. Megan emphasizes being consistent over time and being prepared to give clients realistic expectations.

Join GUEST and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How the shifting real estate market presents opportunities for higher-skilled agents

∙ The importance of being curious to learn more to prepared to talk to clients with higher knowledge

∙ Why luxury real estate clients tend to expect agents with more knowledge

∙ How being consistent over time will lead to greater results 


💬 “There's a fine line between absorbing a lot of information and then actually going out and doing it right.” - Megan Romine

💬 “Don't get married to the result. Get married to the habit and being consistent with what you're doing” - Megan Romine

💬 “Any money that I made I was putting back into my business” - Megan Romine

💬 “Ultimately at the end of the day it's not the brokerage, it’s the agent.” - Megan Romine

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