Show Notes

Karl Svendsen is a loan officer extraordinaire who also helps real estate agents build their influence on social media specifically through video. He has closed over 600 loans in his lifetime. And he can close them in under 10 days. In this episode, he and host Dan Lesniak talk about current interest rates, the expectations of mortgage rates ahead, and how agents can get better at storytelling on social media. 

Join Karl Svendsen and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The role of the Federal Reserve and what we might anticipate for interest rates and mortgage rates.

∙ How Karl’s team uses Lender Paid Refinance to allow buyers to refinance.

∙ How Karl and his team are able to consistently close loans within 10 days.

∙ Why storytelling is the most captivating way to create content on social media.


💬 “Most of what investors do with their money is based on what what the Fed chairs say.” - Karl Svendsen

💬 “A lot of people are kind of looking towards October, November for some good improvement.” - Karl Svendsen

💬 “Mortgage interest rates historically, follow inflation more than anything.” - Karl Svendsen

💬 “My first conversation with the buyer is you'll determine how quickly you can close.” - Karl Svendsen

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