Show Notes

Keri Shull, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast interviews Nick Baldwin, Team Leader at Keller Williams Premier in Clarkston, Michigan. Nick discusses his successful involvement in Lab Coat Agents, how he was able to move into a new real estate market and win, and find out why Keri feels he is “one of the most epic real estate agents.”

Episode Highlights:

  • Keri Shull introduces Nick Baldwin
  • What was it like for Nick to move to a new real estate market?
  • The steps that Nick took when he moved into a new market
  • The pillars of lead generation for his new market
  • Nick discusses follow-ups and lead generations
  • Always keep up with changes in technology
  • Calibrate to meet the client’s needs  
  • Nick Baldwin talks about working with Lab Coat Agents
  • Great advice to get out of a negative mindset
  • If one business deal is bringing you down, then you need more
  • You need someone to hold you accountable to keep you on track each day

3 Key Points:

  1. 91,000 real estate agents are a part of Lab Coat Agents.
  2. Form a team in a new market with people from that area because they have a sphere of influence.
  3. It is all about the follow-up and consistent lead generation.

Resources Mentioned: