Show Notes

Former NFL Jaguars running back turned successful real estate agent, Beau Blankenship understands the hustle and how to pivot. Tune in as Beau Blankenship and host Dan Lesniak discuss life lessons from football and real estate.

Listen to learn about…

∙ Building multiple businesses that feed off of each other 

∙ The Florida real estate market

∙ Getting involved in new developments like spec homes

∙ Property management and real estate investment insights


💬 “I think sports… parallels directly with business. You learn what it takes to win. You learn how to lose. You learn what you have to do to get better.” - Beau Blankenship on how professional football primed him for success in real estate

💬 “Treat it like a nine to five job...treat it like you were gonna go work for a law firm. You know the most successful people I know in our firm are here from nine to five.” - Beau Blankenship’s advice for new real estate agents

💬 “Maybe if there was an opportunity for me to join a team when I first started...instead of trying to wing it, but you also learn more from doing yourself.” - Beau Blankenship on what he would have done differently early on in his real estate career


🔗 Beau Blankenship’s Instagram accounts: @beaublank and @blankenship_group