Show Notes

In this HyperFast Wealth segment, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Marco Kozlowski, a successful real estate investor with over 6,000 cash-flowing rental units. Through his own hardships, Marco has developed processes that allow him to purchase these properties without using his own money. Now, he teaches others how to do the same.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Marco began his real estate journey back in 1999 when he moved from Canada to New York City.
  • After the 2008 housing crisis, Marco became homeless and had to start from scratch again.
  • Creating effective processes around finding distressed sellers helped Marco get back on his feet.
  • Marcos strives to help as many people as possible, rather than to make a ton of money.
  • Most of Marco’s acquisitions are neglected properties that bring in a cash flow that can be managed by someone else.
  • Marco pays his property managers well so that he doesn’t have to deal with problems at the base level.
  • With over 6,000 properties in 32 areas, Marco utilizes the Freedom of Information Act to find the people that really need to sell.
  • Marco makes sure to quote three different management companies in order to avoid being swindled out of his money.
  • There are a plethora of different emails and follow-up sequences based on each person’s situation.
  • COVID has presented a great opportunity to pick up amazing properties at incredible prices.
  • Hotel deals are set up so that Marco has no risk and if it doesn’t work out, the property goes back to the owner in 2 years.
  • Marco buys properties before they ever hit the market and teaches people how to do it for themselves.
  • Buyers can use these strategies to increase their assets and their wealth for their family and themselves.
  • Real estate agents are able to sell properties for a commission or jump on a great investment opportunity.
  • Not all sellers want the same thing; some want the most money; some want speed and simplicity.
  • If real estate agents have a variety of tools that they can offer, their value to the sellers will go up.
  • Each property makes about $200/month if you are doing it right, so financial goals should be based on this.
  • Marco’s objective is to show students how to buy 3-5 units at a time in order to make it worth their while.
  • Every student of Marco’s gets to go through the entire process, find financing, and purchase 3-5 properties before the class ends.
  • Marco outlines how to go from purchasing a few properties at a time, to a few hundred every year.
  • Marco keeps his classes to under 25 people so that everything stays as smooth and simple as possible.
  • Many training programs leave you stranded after the class is over, but Marco makes sure you are set up to rinse and repeat.
  • People can get up to Marco’s level quite a bit faster than he did because they can learn from his mistakes.
  • Asking the best questions that you can possibly ask will allow you to serve others better.
  • Investors need to get past their own head trash to find success.

3 Key Points:

  1. Marco began his journey as a concert pianist with 4 kids by the age of 24 and entered the real estate game to help provide for his family.
  2. While he lost over $11M, Marco was able to keep the knowledge and lessons that he had learned from his failures and use all of that to find success.
  3. Real estate agents can utilize Marco’s processes to invest in, and buy properties, or list them for a commission. They don’t have to be a one-solution agent anymore.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “It’s either take care of my kids and take care of myself or die.” - Marco Kozlowski
  • “I want to do as little as possible and extract as much revenue as possible at the same time, without compromising another human being.” - Marco Kozlowski
  • “We’re going completely off market before it even hits the market. That’s how you have to buy properly, and most don’t do that.” - Marco Kozlowski
  • “It’s the end result that matters. The peace of mind is always going to be more valuable than the money itself.” - Marco Kozlowski
  • “I learned this long ago; you don’t need money to make money; you need access to money to make money.” - Marco Kozlowski

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