Show Notes

During this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Keri Shull speaks with Zeev Wexler about the importance of using SEO to capture web traffic from voice searches. Zeev shares fascinating information about how search is changing, how your website affects your business today, and what you can to do capture opportunities you may not know you’re missing out on. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Zeev Wexler wants you to know that voice searches are impacting SEO.
  • People will always research real estate online. Many realtors understand this and have optimized their websites for written searches.
  • Voice search is the latest innovation. When we speak to Alexa or Google Home, we are completely different than when we write.
  • When we speak, we ask questions differently. We use longer sentences.
  • Most of our websites are not coded for these longer keyword phrases.
  • Check with Google to see which searches are being done.
  • Ask Siri right now for something and see what comes out.
  • By the end of this year, 50% of the entire search query is going to be voice.
  • Know the demographics. Men voice search more than women. Most people that use voice search make more than $75,000. They have a bachelor's degree or above.
  • Many outsourced SEO writers may not understand what they need to target.
  • Compete on a local SEO level.
  • You may be losing business through your website.
  • Your website is important and everybody is searching for you through voice.
  • Sign up for a free audit with Zeev and a complimentary thirty-minute follow up consultation to discuss the results.

3 Key Points:

1.  Voice search is already impacting SEO and will soon account for over half of all searches.

2.  Use SEO to compete at a local level. You want to capture searches from your area about your area.

3.  Even if you are not making money with your website, you may be losing money with your website. Optimize it now. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “If anybody is searching by voice, we want to be the one that's found.” – Zeev Wexler
  • “By the end of this year, 50% of the entire search query is going to be voice.” – Zeev Wexler
  • “Everybody, please think about if you are equipped to get voice search." – Zeev Wexler
  • “We have so many business owners coming in and they have no clue what is going on underneath their own site.” – Zeev Wexler
  • “Everybody's looking at your social media. Everybody's looking at your site. Even if you don't get business from it, you're losing business because of it.” – Zeev Wexler

Resources Mentioned:

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