Show Notes

During the HyperFast “Hangover” Event, host Keri Shull speaks with Tom Daves about adding value with guaranteed sales. Tom shares how he helps clients using guaranteed sales, why guaranteed sales can help sellers who are on the fence, and how to use endorsements to generate leads.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Tom Daves is with eXp Realty in Northern California. 
  • Tom started using guaranteed sales as a differentiator. 
  • Guaranteed sales can take away fear. People like having different options.
  • Tom explains how a guaranteed sale works.
  • Tom has been successful by giving his clients three options.
  • Keri tries to get her listing agents to identify where the fear and stress is coming from and use the guarantee to shore up that fear.
  • Keri's goal with guarantees is finding a way to create a win for the client.
  • Guaranteed sales are a good conversation starter.
  • Tom hired a local celebrity to endorse his services on radio. 
  • He believes that having an endorsement is much better than advertising on the radio himself.
  • During the pandemic, Tom has seen investment buyers pull back.
  • You can leverage testimonials from happy clients moving forward.
  • Radio works a lot better for Tom’s commercials.
  • Tom connected with Radio and TV Experts (RATE) to make his connection with Barbara Corcoran.
  • Many people are not selling simply to get the top price.
  • Guaranteed sales can push a prospective seller off the fence.
  • Tom shares how he handles calls inquiring about the guarantee.
  • He asks about their timing, where they're going, and what they think their home is worth.
  • A lot of people lose business by trying to entertain the client's questions on the phone.
  • Get as many video testimonials from your clients as you can.
  • How you coach clients to do the testimonial is so important. Ask them to describe the problem they faced and how you solved that problem.
  • Most of the time you'll pay for an endorsement from a celebrity.

3 Key Points:

1.  Offering guaranteed sales gives your sellers more options.

2.  You can leverage testimonials from happy clients.

3.  Guarantees are a perfect way to solve for sellers who feel reluctant to list.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “People respond well to choices, even if they hate one of the options.” – Keri Shull
  • “That's the key is video, digital testimonials and reviews. Moving forward that's definitely something that I strongly recommend.” – Tom Daves
  • “In a lot of cases, it's not only what you know but what you know and who you know.” – Tom Daves
  • “It's going to make the phone ring, but if you don't know how to make the appointment from the phone call and convert that, you're missing major opportunities.” – Keri Shull
  • “Emotions will make people act.” – Tom Daves

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