Show Notes

During this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, we hear a special webinar presented by Jason Redman, a wounded Navy Seal with an unforgettable story. Jason offers insight, optimism, and actionable steps for dealing with these unusual times. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Redman spent 21 years of his military career in SEALS teams. He was wounded during a high-level mission in Iraq. 
  • We will all go through life ambushes. Major life ambushes can define you and make you better.
  • Remember to maintain your humility as a leader and recognize that anyone can bring you a good idea.
  • Jason shares the story of his first big life ambush.
  • Jason describes the major ambush where he sustained his injuries. At first, he felt an overwhelming feeling of doubt and depression. He felt like there was nothing he could do and that everything was out of his control.
  • It's easy to focus on the negative and on the bad things that are occurring.
  • You can start to recognize that you can take ownership of your situation.
  • Never buy into the idea that there's no hope.
  • When he was on the ground and thought about what he could control, he knew that if he could get to the combat support hospital he had a great chance of making it out alive. He focused on staying alive.
  • Stay awake to stay alive.
  • The "X" is anytime when you're at the point of attack. You have to get off the X as quickly as possible.
  • Focus on the future and the opportunity there in the moment.
  • The Air Force called in fire that allowed them to get out alive. 96 hours later he was in a hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. There, he learned about all the damage that had been sustained.
  • He went back to controlling what he could, looking for positivity, and getting off the X.
  • He wrote a sign to place outside of his room telling those who wanted to be negative to go elsewhere.
  • When we choose positivity over negativity, there’s a massive ripple effect.
  • Individuals that get off the X the fastest thrive and grow and get better from it.
  • In order to get off the X, you have to REACT to overcome. Jason explains the REACT acronym. 
  • R stands for "recognize". First, recognize that you're in a crisis. The faster you can recognize there is a problem, the faster you can start to move off that X.
  • E stands for "evaluate". Evaluate your assets and your inventory. The faster you assess, the faster you get off the X.
  • A stands for "assess". Assess possible options and outcomes.
  • C stands for "choose and communicate." When leaders are dealing with a crisis, sometimes they think too long about what to do. In a crisis, it's time to choose and communicate. When you communicate to others it gives them hope.
  • T stands for "take action." The longer you sit on the X, the harder it is to move. Momentum is key.
  • The three rings of excellence for productivity are point man, moving the needle, and GSD.
  • A point man is an individual in the military trained as the navigator. A point man needs a clearly defined destination and a set course.
  • In a crisis, you need to bring out your compass on a regular basis to make sure you're heading to your destination. In a crisis, your destination will often change.
  • You have to be the point man for your own life.
  • If we know our destination, then we need to achieve forward progress every day.
  • Jason explains The Three Ps: There are three things you should write down every day that will keep you balanced. One physical, one personal, one professional.
  • Right now he is putting out a massive amount of content as a way to move the needle.
  • GSD stands for getting stuff done.
  • When you write down your goals every day, get them done.
  • Motivation will go away from time to time. Discipline is what makes the difference.
  • The biggest key to motivation is finding your destination and setting that course.
  • When we forget about our destination it's easy to lose discipline.
  • Jason shares his morning routine.
  • He had the epiphany that he wasn't pushing himself as hard as he should be in certain areas.
  • Jason shares how he handles it when people don’t believe in his plans.
  • Focus your professional P on bigger career goals.
  • Jason shares about the books he gives others most frequently. 
  • Jason shares how to support a friend who has been injured.
  • If Jason has helped or inspired you, please spread the word. 

3 Key Points:

1.   There’s power in choosing to stay positive.

2.   Take action quickly after evaluating your problem, assessing outcomes, and making a choice. Momentum matters.

3.   Move the needle every day to get closer to your goal. 

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There's always hope. I don't care how bleak the situation is. Hope is one of the most powerful things that we have.” – Jason Redman
  • “When we choose positivity in the face of creates massive positive ripple waves that go out in all directions.” – Jason Redman
  • “High performers get stuff done every day. They move the needle every day.” – Jason Redman
  • “When we forget about our destination it's easy to lose discipline.” – Jason Redman
  • “We have to look at how we become the best full version of ourselves now.” – Jason Redman

Resources Mentioned:

Hannibal and Me (book)