Show Notes

Keri Shull speaks with Billy Gene, marketing expert and founder of Billy Gene is Marketing, about the power and impact of video ads. Are you still fearful of being on camera, or feel overwhelmed by what you assume is involved in executing real estate video content? Billy Gene simplifies the process of developing, creating, and sharing your video advertisements to help you grow HyperFast!

Episode Highlights:

Why real estate agents should use video
How agents get over their fear of executing videos
What content should be included
Find props that people are not used to seeing in a video
Where people find music for their videos specific to the emotion they want
Which environments you should use for your videos
How you can make your audio sound more professional
Proper lighting really makes videos pop
How to get your video out to more people
How you can empower yourself with advertising
Billy Gene’s advice to entrepreneurs to gain confidence
3 Key Points:

Billy Gene has over 400 million views on his ads.
Billy’s ads that are shot on his cell phone typically outperform the high production ones.
Ads can be as simple as stating a specific problem and addressing how you can solve it.

Resources Mentioned: