Show Notes

During Episode 78 of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Keri Shull speaks with Cory Rosier, VP at Big Block Realty and a legendary recruiter. Rosier shares how he makes the recruiting process all about the agent. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to expand their team.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cory Rosier has personally recruited over 1200 agents.
  • One of the biggest challenges in real estate right now is recruiting.
  • The biggest thing is making the recruiting process about the agent.
  • Many brokerages just talk about themselves.
  • Clients choose agents, not brokerages.
  • Ask recruits what they’re thinking, why they are making a move, and how you  can support them in their business.
  • Changing brokerages is like changing jobs. It’s a big move.
  • Regardless of whether they join you, you’re building the relationship.
  • What are the things that are important to agents?
  • People think it’s about commission.
  • What kind of support you offer is more important than commission.
  • Response time is also very important.
  • The brokerage should help the agent with their personal brand.
  • The broker should be behind the scenes helping them as little or as much as they want.
  • Keri describes her experiences leaving RE/MAX and Keller Williams. She didn't lose any business in her moves.
  • A lot of brokerages out there want to convince you to do things their way.
  • Go somewhere that you really enjoy.
  • Fit the culture of the brokerage you choose.
  • How do you create a culture that's magnetic to the right people?
  • Just be honest with you who are and what you want to portray.

3 Key Points:

  1.  When recruiting, make it about the agent and not about the brokerage.
  2.  The industry is changing in ways that make which brokerage you work for much less relevant.  
  3.  When selecting a brokerage, choose based on the culture you want to be a part of.

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