Show Notes

Ruth Klein has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years. Today, she helps real estate agents and entrepreneurs find their brand, market their brand, and tap into their unique superpowers that make them stand out, make them different, and help them get more business. She helps agents put together a value chart and understand how to do what she calls personality based marketing. In addition, as a book coach, she can help agents write and offer a book in just two weeks and coach them on how to effectively use it in their marketing strategy.

Join Ruth Klein and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Developing marketing strategies based around your personality.

∙ Understanding that as you and your personality evolve, your marketing and branding must evolve too.

∙ Why real estate agents should write and use ebooks to help add value to clients and attract ones.

∙ The importance of follow up and keeping your clients informed and up-to-date. 


💬 “Realtors and lawyers, they're almost identical in that their clients want to know every second of the day, what's going on.” - Ruth Klein

💬 “It's creating a system and so you know when to check in, you know when to send an email, you know when to call, you know when to text.” - Ruth Klein

💬 “An ebook can be written in two weeks.” - Ruth Klein

💬 “You've got to do follow up, you've got to stay in contact.” - Ruth Klein

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