Show Notes

In this episode of The Hyperfast Agent Podcast, Valerie Garcia, from Realvolve Inc., presents at the HyperFast Sales Summit. Valerie knows that to take your company to new heights, you must never lose that mindset that you had when you were just getting started!

Episode Highlights:

  • Though many agents find themselves far along in their career, remembering their habits when they first started will keep them going.
  • The idea for Airbnb started because the founders needed a way to pay their rent.
  • A common misconception about the invention of airplanes is that the Wright Brothers invented the first one.
  • At the top of her career, Jane Fonda broke her leg on set which would lead to the creation of the digital workout industry.
  • Just about every job in every industry comes with some sort of inconvenience, especially since the pandemic hit.
  • Though their first app for posting pictures of alcoholic drinks crashed, the founders of Instagram kept at it and sold for $1B.
  • Steve Jobs knew that you had to be both hungry and crazy to build something that brings real change.
  • The establishment, the masses, will never solve the world’s problems, but the disruptors will.
  • It’s important to know whether you are a part of the disruptors or part of the establishment.
  • According to the dictionary, a disrupter is a company that changes its industry in an effective manner.
  • The Enso Report breaks down how employees rate their companies on their value to the world.
  • For the most part, non-profit companies make up the top of the Enso Report, until last year.
  • Amazon has not only done good for the world but also for most Americans as individuals.
  • Startups do whatever they can to make use of their services as easy as possible for their target consumers.
  • A crystal-clear definition of future goals has been at the foundation of every successful startup.
  • The 3rd method that startups use is the creation of simple, repeatable processes.
  • Even though he faced a high level of resistance, Henry Ford’s consistent push for innovation ultimately found success for his company.
  • Henry Ford ran into the same problem that many real estate agents run into, the process becomes too fast.
  • Creating a culture of customer service is one of the most important pillars of startup success.
  • Zappos has successfully created a customer service company that happens to sell shoes.
  • Agents should aim to build a customer service company that happens to sell real estate.
  • From her time at IBM early in her career, Valerie learned to take responsibility for the problems in her business.
  • In order to be successful, startups must measure everything, even the stuff that you think might not be relevant.
  • The ability to pivot unexpectedly sets successful startups apart from those that see disaster.
  • It would be arrogant to think that what has brought you success before would bring you success again.
  • Though they might not know how to reach their destination, startups use the right tools to get there.

3 Key Points:

  1. The habits that we create and ideas that we come up with when our backs are against the wall could be the ones that change our lives and change the world.
  2. Being better than your competition is not enough to beat them. You have to be different, willing to do something that they won’t.
  3. Big goals are easy to set, but it’s the small goals that get you there that stop most companies from succeeding. Set crystal-clear goals at the foundation of your company.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Just because you have a crazy idea doesn’t mean you are crazy. A good measuring stick here is whether or not your crazy idea makes money or changes the world.” - Founder of Airbnb
  • “If the career you have chosen has some unexpected inconvenience, console yourself by reflecting that no career is without them.” - Jane Fonda
  • “Stay hungry. Stay foolish...People who run businesses have to be hungry, otherwise, you won’t get up in the morning. And you have to be a little bit crazy.” - Steve Jobs
  • “It’s not enough to create repeatable processes. We have to figure out how we can create those in a way that scales.” - Valerie Garcia
  • “The culture of any organization is the very worst behavior that you are willing to tolerate.” - Valerie Garcia

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