Show Notes

Michael Gillies is an agent and team leader in the Stafford and Fredericksburg areas of Virginia. This is his second appearance on the HyperFast Agent podcast. Michael is investing a lot more time coaching his team to better prepare them for the market shift. Over the past few years, most agents were extremely busy and focused on doing deals. With the recent shift in the market, agents now have to better hone their skills, something they didn’t have time to do over the past few years. They also now have more time do that. Michael emphasized the important role that team leaders can play as coaches and in getting more coaching and training for agents on their team. The Gillies Team also recently made the shift from a big box brokerage to EXP Realty. They were immediately able to reward their team with an average of 10% raises per agent, as well as realize an additional $200,000 savings – after accounting for rent and other expenses. 

Join Michael Gillies and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why agents and team leaders should be using the current shift in the market to hone their sales skills. 

∙ The agents who survive and thrive will be the ones who use this time to do something different.

∙ How to present buyers with numbers to help them make a better decision rather than rely on their fears. 

∙ Why the move to EXP Realty allows teams to save money and invest in themselves 


💬 “The opportunity is, if you actually do something different, if you make a push, if you either add to your marketing or maintain it when everybody else is dropping it off.” - Michael Gillies

💬 “There are some agents that have been really successful over the last couple of years that probably won't be in the business at some point in 2023.” - Michael Gillies

💬 “Trying to actually find the bottom is pretty much impossible.” - Michael Gillies

💬 “We're about $100,000 less being paid to a broker that's including adding in that office rent. Looking at apples to apples, it's almost a $200,000 shift” - Michael Gillies

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