Show Notes

Curtis May teaches principles-based planning, which can be helpful to every real estate agent and business owner. Your principles will drive your strategy, tactics, and what you buy. He believes the most important investment you can make is back into your business. However, Curtis also advises that you first have to save before you can invest. He teaches Cash Flow mapping and the different types of savings and investment buckets to put that cash flow, including using life insurance. He believes each person should focus on what they do best, work hard, continue to get better at your craft, save money and invest it back into your business – the most important investment you can make.

Join Curtis May and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Principles-based planning, which must start with saving

∙ Three different places to put your cash flow as part of the principle of liquidity

∙ Getting better at your craft through education, hard work, and having mentors

∙ Creating wealth by maximizing efficiency and investing in your business 


💬 “Principles, drive strategy. What you do in strategy drives tactics – what you buy … most people are operating without principles.” - Curtis May

💬 “Everybody wants to start with investing. But the financial plan precedes the investment plan. What is it that you want? And why?” - Curtis May

💬 “There are six ways people lose money. Number one: how people manage cash flow.” - Curtis May

💬 “The principle we teach is maximum protection. So you have to play defense. Defense wins championships.” - Curtis May