Show Notes

In a rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, entrepreneur and President of Reminder Media Luke Acree finds print marketing to be a reliable resource for creating impactful messaging campaigns. For Luke, marketing is simply about how you establish a relationship with your audience so they think of your brand first. And while his business shines on the digital stage, it’s the printed materials where he sees the most organic lead gen.

Join Luke Acree and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ What’s holding you back on digital platforms

∙ Factoring in your ad spend to lead gen ratio

∙ How to get people to think of you for their real estate needs

∙ Having triggers in place to spark conversations with referral leads

...and much more!


💬 “If I can help you have a conversation, you can turn that conversation into a deal.” — Luke Acree

💬 “You got to go where there's not too much noise and where you can make impact and print is a great way still to do it.” — Luke Acree

💬 “Facebook’s organic reach now for your posts is almost non existent.” — Luke Acree

💬 “Get a coach or a mentor. They can speed up your time toward becoming successful.” — Luke Acree


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