Show Notes

Anton Glotser is a serial real estate entrepreneur. He has been an agent, a flipper, and a developer. Now he is building a company called Del Norte that is building a technology to tokenize real estate deeds. He came up with this idea while living in several Latin American countries and realizing how easily real estate could be stolen through fraud. He has created a system where real estate deeds can be protected with NFTs. He has worked with several governments in Latin America to implement this and is now working to bring this technology to the real estate market in the United States.

Join Anton Glotser and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How putting deeds and titles on the blockchain can reduce real estate fraud and theft.

∙ How technology can allow you to see your deed on the blockchain in real time.

∙ Why this technology creates accountability for every party involved in transactions. 

∙ Why adding this level of transparency will increase the value of investments.


💬 “I got caught up in the whole collapse and ended up losing everything.” - Anton Glotser

💬 “Central America is probably one of the worst places for real estate fraud, up to 20% of real estate over there is fraudulent.” - Anton Glotser

💬 “Outside of America, there is no title insurance.” - Anton Glotser

💬 “By taking that piece of paper, and making a digital copy, and NFT version of it on the blockchain means that nobody can do that anymore…” - Anton Glotser

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