Show Notes

This episode of the HyperFast Agent podcast features a panel of Florida real estate all-stars who were part of the 2023 HyperFast Agent Summit. Tune in to this panel to hear advice and insight from Justin Watson, Casey Anderson, Amanda Siftar, Jimmy Branham, and host Dan Lesniak. They each weigh in on the biggest challenges they experienced over the past year and what they are seeing in the current market, all in an effort to help agents sell more homes and make more money. 

Join a panel of Florida Real Estate All-Stars and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The biggest challenges they experienced in real estate over the past year.

∙ How to overcome objections and mindset for buyers who have sticker shock with higher interest rates.

∙ How to leverage open houses to convert people from walk-in buyers to move-up buyers.

∙ How to handle sellers who have too high of a price in mind when you first meet with them.


💬 “You're not competing, you're not giving up your firstborn child to get this home.” - Amanda Siftar

💬 “You're gonna put so much time, effort, energy loss, heartache, regret in pit spending money and during this rental process” - Kacie Anderson

💬 “It’s a huge help to make sure you ask your buyers great questions at the beginning.” - Jimmy Branham

💬 “I totally play hardball … I don't waste my time.” - Justin Watson

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