Show Notes

Chris Clark is a real estate developer who served Washington DC and the surrounding metro area. He has built his company over the past five years and recently rebranded it to Summit Homes DC. He did this because he realized many people were having a difficult time remembering the name of his company. Over the course of one month, he rebranded it completely, with a new name, logo, and website domain. So far, it has been a big success. Chris is a repeat guest on the HyperFast Agent podcast. In this episode, he shares with us how real estate agents can work with developers like him and what he has seen the market do over the past few years, with some insights for the months and years ahead. 

Join Chris Clark and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why a real estate business might need to consider rebranding.

∙ Why the real estate market is picking back up again.

∙ The importance of being fiscally prudent with your business expenses, especially now.

∙ How real estate agents can work with developers.


💬 “I'll still buy all day long, because obviously, deals are still selling” - Chris Clark

💬 “I typically will try to hold a few homes a year.” - Chris Clark

💬 “I love working with agents and then I always incentivize them…” - Chris Clark

💬 “DC is pretty landlord friendly.” - Chris Clark

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