Show Notes

Loibel Lotterman is an immigrant from Venezuela who earned a degree in computer science and engineering in Colorado. But her passion is in more entrepreneurial activities, including real estate. In addition to being a real estate agent and leading a team, she also has a dance studio, a puppy store that grooms and boards dogs and small birds, and rents out properties for parties and business. That all comes on top of being a wife and mother of five children and knowing three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Her entrepreneurial passion is accelerated by her ability to form relationships, connect with others, be intentional, and build trust. It’s no wonder she is continuing to attract more people to her new team at EXP Realty. 

Join Loibel Lotterman and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why courses and mentorship are helpful in transitioning to a career in real estate 

∙ How real estate can be a full-time career and one that gives you flexibility to manage other things 

∙ How Loibel Lotterman attracts international clients in South Florida 

∙ The import role of building trust with your team and your clients 


💬 “I love to help people to reach goals and it's like an adventure every day. I actually have to stop myself sometimes because it's so exciting” - Loibel Lotterman

💬 “I don't want to sell something that I don't believe” - Loibel Lotterman

💬 “Just always communicate and let people know … what you're doing, what you have in mind, and just believe in whatever you're gonna approach” - Loibel Lotterman

💬 “You have to be intentional in life because if not you get consumed.” - Loibel Lotterman

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