Show Notes

TikTok & Instagram Lead Gen

When Ed Stulak combined real estate with the lead generation strengths of social media, his business took off. At the same time, he discovered a passion for teaching real estate agents how to build their personal brands and generate leads for their real estate businesses via social media.

Today, Ed’s growing his real estate team, getting high-quality leads, and securing high-volume deals via social media. Meanwhile, he’s sharing his social media strategies with real estate agents everywhere!

∙ How Ed got a 180-unit deal with a builder via Instagram 🏢

∙ How to stay consistent with social media – even when you’re too busy

∙ The timeless real estate tactics that social media has NOT replaced

∙ The 2 platforms Ed finds best for lead gen right now

∙ What works best on TikTok right now – and the crucial difference to keep in mind

∙ And much more!


💬 “Be on social media. Make sure you have a nice profile picture. Make sure your bio is straight to the point so when people stumble on your page, they know exactly what you’re talking about.” – Ed Stulak

💬 “The most dangerous real estate agent (in a good way) is the agent who knows the old school and the new school techniques.” – Dan Lesniak

💬  “Instagram Reels gets tons of exposure… so does TikTok. Take advantage of that. Make sure it’s funny, valuable, educational, and emotional.” – Ed Stulak



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