Show Notes

Julio Gonzalez has been in real estate for over thirty years. In 2001, he started his current company, Engineered Tax Services. As a real estate tax firm, they work with several thousand accounting firms nationwide, helping them help their clients with all the wide variety of different tax incentives, credits, and grants associated with investing in real estate. In this episode he discusses opportunities like cost segregation, opportunity zones, and the many local, state and federal grant programs that are available for real estate development. Julio and his team help those in real estate investment and development take advantage of many of the cost-savings available through tax credits.

Join Julio Gonzalez  and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Cost segregation and opportunity zones.

∙ The year-by-year reduction that is happening with the bonus depreciation for opportunity zones. 

∙ The easing in IRS rules for Airbnbs.

∙ Why real estate is a more lucrative investment vehicle than the stock market. 


💬 “On the opportunity zone, the capital gains period is getting smaller and smaller.” - Julio Gonzalez

💬 “...the government at each level is giving out free capital in the terms of these grant programs.” - Julio Gonzalez

💬 “Cost Segregation is the study that allows us to determine what part of the property is non structural, and thus, can be depreciated upfront.” - Julio Gonzalez

💬 “It's kind of nice to see the diversification coming into the industry.” - Julio Gonzalez

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