Show Notes

Family Matters

Amanda Longoria and Jonathan Chvala spent their childhood days playing as siblings! 👧👦
Today, they are selling millions of dollars within real estate together! 💰

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, Amanda Longoria and Jonathan Chvala join host Dan Lesniak to discuss working as a family within the real estate industry! 🏘 Amanda and Jonathan will give their best advice on how to build a team of trust and success🏆

Join Dan, Amanda, and Jonathan as they discuss:

• Transitioning from the military into real estate! 👫
• Building a team of success! 💵
• Overcoming the challenges of real estate 💪
• And much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to “sit at the family table” with three experienced real estate agents discussing what it really takes to be a realtor!


💬 “You have to grind; you have to hustle” – Jonathan Chvala

💬 “Don't get comfortable. Just keep pushing yourself” – Jonathan Chvala

💬 “Don’t stop calling; don’t Stop building your network.” – Amanda Longoria

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