Show Notes

Shauna Wekerlien is known as the Tax Goddess for one big reason: she runs a company that last year alone saved business owners over $750 million in taxes. She is not your run of the mill CPA. She is a tax specialist and very few like her exist. Her entire job is reducing the taxable income for business owners. Working with a tax specialist like Shauna is a great way for real estate agents to identify how to keep more of the commission checks they’ve earned. She advises people to report all of their income and then use the legal tax structures that are available to keep as much of it as possible. What she has found is that very few business owners do this, and they end up sending more money than they should to the IRS. 

Join Shauna Wekherlien and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why real estate agents need to use tax specialists, not just CPAs.

∙ The importance of looking at your income and expenses as early in the year as possible.

∙ Why self-education about money and finances is so important. 

∙ Why you should report all of your income and then use the legal structures that are in place to help you keep as much of it as possible. 


💬 “Every single type of business has its own. Here are the three or four that are specific to this particular industry” - Shauna Wekherlien

💬 “One of the biggest comments that we hear is, ‘well, I've gone to my CPA, and they've told me, there's nothing else I can do.’” - Shauna Wekherlien

💬 “There's only 607 of us in the entire country. So, most people don't even know that we exist.” - Shauna Wekherlien

💬 “Start looking at these things early – way early – February, March, April. Really, by about June, we start losing horizon” - Shauna Wekherlien

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