Show Notes

Jason Pfitzer is host of the LabvCoat Agents podcast, co-founder of Drunk on Social, and moonlights as a loan officer. He helps those in the real estate industry rethink their approach to social media, primarily by starting with the psychology behind using it, including understanding that your audience is not going on social media with the intent to buy or sell homes. They are looking to be entertained and connect with others. Jason helps real estate agents understand how to make connections with others on social media and then to inform them you can provide value to them if they are in the market to buy or sell a home.

Join Jason Pfitzer and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Understanding that social media is about connections and entertainment 

∙ Why frequency is better than high tech quality when it comes to building an audience on social media

∙ How using social media to build connections and trust will then help you build potential clients 

∙ The future of AI and the ability to adapt to rapidly advancing technology 


💬 “I think that understanding what real value is the key” - Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “you got to figure out ways to actually bring them value and talk about things that are actually going to catch their attention” - Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “roughly 10% of your audience is seeing each of your posts” - Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “It's trying to build a cadence to where you can post every single day” - Jeff Pfitzer

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