Show Notes

Are you interested in creating passive income and reaching financial independence without involving Wall Street?

Founders of Infinite Wealth Consultants and hosts of Infinite Wealth Podcast Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen can teach you how to achieve your goals through the concept of infinite banking. Tune in as host Dan Lesniak, Cameron, and Anthony discuss borrowing against your life insurance policy, building generational wealth, and breaking the compound interest curve. 

You’ll also learn about …

‣ Why it is important to have conversations about finances with your family

‣ Cash-value life insurance loans

‣ Tax-free compounding income

‣ Flipping raw land

… and more! You won’t want to miss these wealth-building tips.


💬 “Life insurance is like the Swiss Army tool of finance. I mean, there's a lot of different ways to use it.” - Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen on why life insurance is such a valuable tool

💬 “All we do is infinite banking … we didn't want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. We want to be in our sandbox, we want to be one of the best in the country.” - Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen on the importance of focusing your efforts

💬 “We tell people to invest in what you know… you are your biggest asset.” - Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen’s advice for new investors


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