Show Notes

In this can’t-miss episode of the HyperFast Podcast, self-proclaimed “Self Storage Nerd” Stacy Rosetti gives us a fascinating look inside a profitable, specialized niche of real estate investing: Buying mismanaged self storage facilities, then setting them up to earn truly passive income. 💵

Today, Stacy and her husband have delegated every part of their 900-door storage portfolio so that they’re free to coach, travel, and enjoy time with their family.  ✈️ 

Stacy started off flipping houses, and had success with that – at one point she was doing 15 rehabs at a time, with 15 more in the pipeline. 🏘 That brought in a lot of money, but also a lot of work and stress. Then Stacy got into buying mismanaged self storage properties and setting them up to run themselves. 

That first storage property led to another, and another… and those properties now allow Stacy to live a truly amazing life.

Join Stacy Rossetti and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss:

• How Stacy has set up her self storage facilities to run WITHOUT needing an onsite manager

• How Stacy bought a storage facility for $275k and more than doubled its value to $600k within ~1 year

• Why the best self storage deals are NOT available on the MLS

• How Stacy uses publicly available satellite imagery to find hidden gem deals 🔎

• The process Stacy’s team uses to pinpoint search areas, then drive around literally looking for deals 📍🚗

Make sure you listen all the way to the end – you won’t want to miss Stacy’s story about the 90-year-old owner who set up his storage facility to provide a legacy of passive income to his family. 




🗯 “If you want to get into self storage investing, don’t make it a business… make it like passive wealth.” – Stacy Rossetti

🗯 “They’re truly hidden.” – Stacy Rossetti, talking about how to find the best self storage investment deals

🗯 “With mismanaged properties, essentially, at this, there's so much value add that in the end, your property is worth double — if not more — what you bought that property for, if you know what you're doing.” – Stacy Rossetti, on buying mismanaged self storage properties

🗯 “It’ll probably take about a year to get that thing fully up and running and then turning a profit.” – Stacy Rossetti, on buying mismanaged self storage properties




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