Show Notes

During Episode 82 of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Keri Shull speaks with Ruth Krishnan, a Top 1% realtor in the San Francisco market, about how to leverage gifting throughout a transaction, and beyond. Ruth shares how she approaches gift giving, the types of gifts she gives, and how to create a system for automating your giving. Use this episode to help you differentiate yourself with thoughtful client gifts.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ruth Krishnan is a top agent in San Francisco, and she’s an expert in gift giving and networking your way into new niches.
  • She likes gifts to look luxurious.
  • Consider your packaging and presentation carefully.
  • For example, Ruth sends chocolate to clients that is packaged so beautifully that people send her pictures of it when they receive it.
  • People fail with gifting because they pick things that are really inexpensive.
  • Ruth’s team sends out chocolate for birthdays, anniversaries, and referrals.
  • Find ways to make it easier to automate gift giving.
  • We’re all guilty of wanting to get someone a gift and then not getting it.
  • In the moment, delegate your gift giving to someone on your team that can execute your intention.
  • How does Ruth know who to gift to, and what to gift to them?
  • She goes through her CRM and categorizes all of her contacts.
  • 50-120 of her contacts are VVIPs. These are contacts who have the capacity to give her 5 or more referrals.
  • Come up with a program someone on your team can implement.
  • Pay attention. Be on Facebook and take notice when big events happen in your clients’ lives.
  • Ruth has a long list of go-to gifting items.
  • Don’t order things with your name on them.
  • One of your first assistants should help you organize a gifting program.
  • Getting someone to help you keep track of people is key.
  • Ruth figured out that if she could hire an assistant that could help her close three more transactions per year, that assistant would pay for herself.
  • Consider time blocking for gifts.
  • Ruth does provide closing gifts.
  • Ruth and Keri talk about why home warranties don’t make good closing gifts.
  • Ruth shares what she gives clients at closing.
  • Keri asks herself what clients might need to have a wonderful moving day.
  • Keri describes how she keeps the giving going post-transaction.
  • Use gifting as a point of differentiation.

3 Key Points:

  1.  Give beautiful gifts that are thoughtfully packaged.
  2.  With the help of an assistant, create a gift-giving system that can be automated.
  3.  Consider strategic gifting as a way that you can differentiate yourself as an agent.

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